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IT Risk Protection System Builder Cloud

DJTE is an IT Solution Provider with more than 34 years of invaluable real-world IT experiences and knowledge; specializing in:

  IT Risk Analysis - Essential for IT Security and Recovery.

  CyberSecurity Managed Service - A substantial reduction in cost.

  Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Managed Service - We have the time.

  IT Risk Management (ITRM) Managed Service - Critical for IT Protection.

  System Builder of Servers and Endpoints - We have the Expertise.

•  Microsoft Cloud - A substantial reduction in cost.

Our Mission: Reduce your TCO increase your ROI in a secured, efficient, reliable, resilience, agile, scalable and highly-available IT structure for greater profit.  We deliver strategy as the solution.

IT Risk Protection is a journey; not a destination.

We are Proactive; fighting the forever-changing CyberWar.

We all seeing on the evening news; multimillion-dollar organizations suffering from data breaches and ransomware attacks.


Why is this happening?  The number one reason; their IT staff are just overwhelmed by daily IT tasks and the forever expanding attack surfaces.  They just do not have the time to do it all.

Cybersecurity is extremely time consuming if done correctly.


BCDR verification must be a top priority.  If not; when disaster strikes; the recovery fails.

ITRM is a continuous IT Risk Analysis; which is essential for a secured and recoverable IT structure.


This is why a separate and dedicated Cybersecurity, BCDR and ITRM staffs are necessary for businesses of all sizes; SMBs to multinational corporations.

Our IT Risk Protection goes way beyond compliance; it has too.

Cybersecurity and BCDR requires IT Risk Analysis to identify and prioritize threats and risk vulnerabilities that exist in your organization IT structure which affects your organization IT security and recovery effectiveness.

Back by more than 34 years of invaluable real-world IT experiences and knowledge.  We offer your organization IT Risk Analysis, Cybersecurity and BCDR.  If any one of these services are neglected; your organization risk factor increases; for a prolong system downtime, data breaches and ransomware attacks; resulting in a substantial loss of productivity and profit.

IT Risk Analysis • The first step in establishing a secured, efficient, reliable, resilience, agile, scalable and highly-available IT structure for greater profit.

Cybersecurity and BCDR Managed Service • Now your organization can have the benefits of a separate and dedicated Cybersecurity and BCDR staff at a substantial reduction in cost.

 ITRM Managed Service • We notify your IT staff of new threats and risk vulnerabilities that exist in the wild; that would compromise productivity and profit.


This assures that your IT staff can immediately mitigate new threats and risk vulnerabilities; avoiding intermittent and prolong system downtime which reduce productivity and profit.

Unlike other managed service providers that do it all; we only offer managed services for Cybersecurity, BCDR and ITRM.

This ensures that we have the required time that is necessary to concentrate on protection and recovery of your organization vital IT assets.  Our unique strategies eliminate intermittent and prolong system downtime; which reduce productivity and profit.

System Technology continues to improve; increasing performance and reducing energy assumption; which increase productivity and profit.

System Builder We are in partnership with Intel; industry leader, inventor, innovator and the number one manufacture of processors and chipsets use by both servers and endpoints.

This give Us the advantage.  We understand the difference in the processors and the chipsets use on the motherboards for servers and endpoints.

We leverage this knowledge by offering your organization unique strategies for servers and endpoints; reducing capex and opex while increasing productivity and profit.


Servers  Hyper-convergence or convergence?  Which one is right for your organization?


We are in partnership with industry leaders of hyper-convergence and convergence systems.


Let Us help your organization select the hyper-convergence or convergence system that matches your organization needs for today and the tomorrows.

Endpoints Desktops and laptops; we can select the ones that allows your organization to substantially reduce opex while increasing productivity and profit.

We have been selecting and building systems for various industries for more than 34 years.  We have the real-world experiences and accumulated knowledge that truly makes the difference.

The Cloud; reduce TCO and increase ROI.

• Microsoft Cloud Azure and Microsoft 365 equals agility and reliability; with a substantial reduction in cost compared to on-premise.


Unfortunately; some businesses have found that implementing the cloud was more difficult than they imagined.  Resulting in a reduction of productivity and profit.


We are in partnership with Microsoft; this gives Us an advantage.  We have the knowledge and resources to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.  Reducing your TCO and increasing your ROI.

Contact Us Today. Your Organization deserves the Best; that’s what We Deliver.

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