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IT Protection is a Journey; not a Destination.

We are Cybersecurity and BCDR Managed Service Providers.

We all seeing on the evening news; multimillion-dollar organizations suffering from data breaches and ransomware attacks. 


Why is this happening?  The number one reason; their IT staff are just overwhelmed by daily IT tasks and the forever expanding attack surfaces.  They just do not have the time to do it all.

DJTE offers your organization Cybersecurity and BCDR as a service.

Cybersecurity and BCDR are extremely time consuming and difficult if done correctly; a separate and dedicated IT staffs for Cybersecurity and BCDR is your organization best solution for IT security and recovery.

Back by more than 31 years of invaluable real-world IT experiences and knowledge.


Security and recovery start at the foundation.  The first step is IT Risk Analysis.


We have been designing, re-engineering and implementing secured and recoverable networks since 1990.

Contact Us Today.  Your Organization deserves the Best; that’s what We Deliver.  323.734.DJTE (323.734.3583)

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